News is delivered via Satellite, mostly drawn down the Sky 1 channel ... (except weekdays where it is on Sky 2 from 9am till midday only) and is to he presented daily on the hour for a 24 hour period and on the half hour Monday to Friday from 4am to 9am inclusive.

The Format for 'news to air' is as follows ......................

  1. Plan ahead -plan your last track for the hour to finish on the hour, ready for the news ... this will make your presentation sound better.
  2. Do not begin playing a new track with less than 60 seconds before a news bulletin. Find something interesting to say, and say it. Remember when you fade a song or instrumental, you disappoint any listener who wanted to hear it in full and disappointed listeners are less likely to listen again.
  3. At roughly 6 seconds before the hour even for the half hour news work on the hour clock (it's easier that way) turn on the news channel.

    At exactly 5 seconds before the hour you will hear 6 pips on the Satellite channel, count the pips, when you hear the 4th pip push the "ON" button on the computer to start the news jingle.

    The news reader will begin speaking at 7 seconds past the hour, the paid ad stops in time for the news reader to begin.
  4. There is no Finance Report outro, you have to listen closely and be ready to play the computer to go to our ads.
  5. We pay for the privilege of "branding the news" as our own. Do not refer to the news as 2UE news, Satellite news or national news. It is "HAWKESBURY RADIO NEWS"
  6. When the news is over push the off button on the panel. Do not fade the news channel as this results in hearing the first of the next sentence on air.
  7. If something goes wrong, simply say "We seem to have a problem with News Room. We'll have more news in an hour (or half hour)," then move on with your program. Do not dwell on the problem or make references to problems with the Satellite.
  8. If you start the news jingle later than you should have and it is going to over run the start of the News, then it is time for 'Mistake Recovery'

    Don't Panic just think fast.
    1. Turn off the news channel
    2. Turn on the cue channel
    3. Listen to the Newsreader start
    Then when the intro is over e.g. "it's 7 o'clock Good Morning I'm..." Quickly turn on the News channel.

    This will avoid having the News intro and the Newsreader clashing on air.

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